Gala Dinners

At the Grand Hotel de la Minerve multiple solutions are available for any kind of event, from weddings to gala dinners and business meetings. The hotel has a large and elegant room that can house up to 120 people: the Salone Olimpo, adorned with the magnificent marble statues by Rinaldo Rinaldi, one of Canova’s pupils. Perfect solution for prestigious banquets, gala dinners and high profile business events.Four more solutions complete the Grand Hotel de la Minerve’s offer: the ‘Cavour’ room (48sqm), the ‘Galileo’ room (43sqm), the Boardroom (30sqm) with it’s beautiful view of Piazza della Minerva, and the ‘Iside’ room(63sqm), that can contain up to 45 people.Events organized at the Grand Hotel de la Minerve make the difference, especially if they take place at the Roof Garden. It’s restaurant is open all year round with a wide variety of dishes belonging to Italian tradition, but also to international cuisine. From the Roof Garden, enjoy the breathtaking view.