The Chef: Antonio Falco

Antonio Falco, born in Naples, began his apprenticeship in the region of Campania at the restaurant “Don Alfonso 1890” in “Sant’Agata dei due Golfi” and at the restaurant “L’incontro” in Pozzuoli. Falco learned the keys to his success in this territory.
Member of the ‘Regional Association of Chefs from Campania’, Gold medal in artistic cuisine and silver medal in the Culinary World Cup in Luxemburg.
Antonio Falco, pupil of Auguste Escoffier (founder of the Ritz in London), follows the principles of the Maestro, who thought that culinary art was to be practiced with extreme simplicity, thus intensifying the taste of foods.
His specialties are inspired to traditional cuisine, that exalts the products of his homeland and makes his creations “sunny”.
One of his favourites is ‘Golden Mozzarella with sausage and “friarielli”’. This specialty was the main event of the show ‘Eat Parade’ on Italian National Television.
"The talent of Antonio Falco makes your dinner a unique experience; he has travelled the world and tried every technique in modern cuisine with the goal of exalting the authenticity of the ingredients. He is a Chef and an artist, as he shows in the presentation of every single dish, even the most humble."
Mariella Morosi, Italia a